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Super Probiotics Food

The benefits of Probiotics are no secret. But until you find the best Probiotic for you, you might not feel them. Once you find the right Probiotic supplement, you'll never look back. Need a quick refresher?

Here we go. "Probiotics" is the term given to the live bacteria that can be found in your gut. They're often referred to as your "good bacteria" because they help keep your stomach healthy. In turn, the good bacteria can affect everything from your digestion to your skin, hair, and even mental well-being.

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For example, Probiotics can be found in yoghurt. It helps with everything from digestion to clearing up acne. Though yoghurt is tout as the Probiotic superhero, there’s a not-so-new kid on the block that's, even more, filled with probiotics, and if you don't know about it, you should. Allow us to introduce you to Kefir, yoghurt’s more potent and probiotic-filled counterpart.

QBI SG Blog Super Probiotics Food Kefir Probiotics Benefits

Kefir – translated from Turkish, means “good feelings”, probably referring to its amazing effects on the body when consumed. What is Kefir exactly? Well, it is a drink usually made from cow, goat or sheep milk. It becomes this weird looking fermentation – which to no surprise, is excellent for your health.

Like yoghurt, Kefir full of good-for-you Probiotics, but unlike yoghurt, Kefir isn't cultured with heat. Instead, you can turn any kind of milk (including dairy or non-dairy) or water into kefir with kefir grains. But before gluten-free peeps prematurely turn away, allow us to clarify: Kefir “grains” aren’t grains at all, but instead cottage cheese-looking little clumps made up of the bacteria yeast that ferment the Kefir.

The Health Benefits of Kefir:

  • Kefir can help to promote healthy bone health.
  • Kefir can help improves gut’s health.
  • Kefir is rich in calcium.
  • Kefir contains more protein than an egg.
  • Kefir is loaded with potassium.

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Making Kefir Milk has been around for several thousands of years and was traditionally a way of preserving fresh milk and making it last longer. The healthy bacterias and yeasts in the Kefir grains box out any unhealthy or spoiling bacterias that would otherwise take hold of milk left at room temperature.

To make Kefir Milk add about a teaspoon of kefir grains to a cup of milk, cover the glass, and let it sit out at room temperature for about 24-48 hours. When done, the Kefir will have thickened to the consistency of buttermilk and taste noticeably tangy, like yoghurt. Strain out the grains so you can use them in another batch, and the Kefir is ready to drink.

Even though it looks easy making Kefir Milk, several problems might occur during the process. For example, if your milk hasn't fermented after 48 hours, you must repeat the whole process from scratch. You must put the Kefir Milk in room temperature during the process because if the room temperature is too hot, the milk spoils more quickly than the grains can culture it, this creates an unsafe environment for the grains.

With all the problems that occur, we have the solution for you! We had discovered how to make Kefir Milk without any hustle and worries. Meet K-Grain Kefir Probiotics. K-Grain Kefir comes in Powdered Form which in one sachet consists of 3 Trillion Probiotics. To make a Kefir Milk, you only need to mix one sachet of k-Grain Kefir Probiotics with 500 ml of Milk. Et voila you will have Milk Kefir without worrying about getting failed.