Made in Japan, k-Grain Kefir Probiotics are quick and easy to use. K-Grain Kefir Probiotics is a freeze-dried culture of 4 types of lactobacillus. It is used as a starter culture for fermenting milk to produce creamy, tangy milk Kefir.

Packed with 3 trillion probiotics in one sachet
Specially formulated and patented in Japan
Contains up to 61 strains of beneficial microbes to encourage optimal health and well-being
The fuss-free way in making your delicious fresh Kefir at home (or on the go)
Sugar-free and suitable for vegetarians

Our k-Grain Kefir Probiotics can be used with non-dairy alternatives like soy, oat or almond milk. We have got a gut feeling that you will love it!

Benefits of Kefir Probiotics:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Healthier Bones
  • Weight Control
  • Improves Gut Health
  • Reduces Stomach Bloating
  • Better Skin

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