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The Insole For Your Feet
More physical therapists and orthodontists recommend that people use health insoles to relieve foot pain. In addition, health insoles play a very important role in improving physical fitness, promoting blood circulation, and strengthening metabolism. Especially the shoulders, back pain, knee weakness, and calf pain caused by incorrect posture have a good relief effect. According to the survey, 15% of sports injuries are foot injuries. Wearing an exclusive patented magnet health insole can effectively relieve foot pressure and prevent these injuries.

Power Sole is a far-infrared magnet health insole with exclusive patent. It is a long-term best-selling product with a 15-year history in Japan, with sales of more than 1 million pairs. The advancement of science and technology has accelerated the pace of life, and people have realized the importance of health. The foot is called the "second heart of the human body". It plays a key role in the process of blood transport to the whole body and back to the heart, and plays an important role in the blood circulation of the human body. Power Sole far-infrared magnet health insoles, while caring for our feet, can promote blood circulation in the steps, and then achieve the effect of whole body health care.

Who can use Power Sole

Anyone above 13

  • Teenagers are busy with their studies, Power Sole can maintain a good posture when they walk, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the body
  • Middle-aged people are gradually encountering various health problems and life pressure is relatively high. Power Sole can help them maintain their health under various pressures in their lives and work
  • Elderly people must take care of their feet.

People from all walks of life

  • White-collar workers work long hours in the office and do not exercise often.
  • People who often stand at work have more pressure on their feet
  • The body is in a sub-healthy state with poor blood circulation
  • Improper walking posture causes excessive pressure on the feet and frequent pain, such as varus

Power Sole product advantages

  • Power Sole uses 5 MAT magnets under each foot. The magnetic field lines generated by the magnet penetrate the soles of the feet and spread out from the feet. Effectively promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, press the acupoints of the arch at the same time every step you take, and improve your physical and mental health through the effects of magnetism and far infrared rays, so that your busy day will be relaxed and refreshed! The magnetic field strength of MAT magnet is an ordinary magnet. The magnetic field range can reach 5.5 mm below the skin epidermis, while the magnetic field range of ordinary magnets is only 0.5 mm below the skin. The magnetic field and far infrared rays act on the subcutaneous nerves, which can more effectively promote the blood circulation under the skin.
  • Obtained the joint patent of Panasonic and Sanyo Special Steel Corporation of Japan, and the patent of the United States
  • Power Sole was awarded a joint patent by Matsushita Electric and Sanyo Special Steel Corporation of Japan. The patent includes full recognition that MAT magnets have far red Manganese-aluminum magnet with external effect and tourmaline powder. Magnetic flux density up to 160mT
  • The product is made of manganese-aluminum-silica ore rich in a variety of mineral elements, refined through a number of complex processes such as dissolution, distillation and grinding. After high temperature purification, high-purity ore crystals with a purity of up to 99.99999% (7N) are refined, and then finished by roller polishing, manual polishing and mirror polishing procedures.

 Product features

  1. The two magnets on the upper end of the insole are different from the three on the lower end and have a thickness of 4 mm. The insole is comfortable and docile when walking. Magnetic pole: The opposite magnets are placed side by side to increase the magnetic force and achieve a better effect of promoting blood circulation. There are 3 magnets under the insole. The thickness is up to 5 mm. With each step, the magnet emits magnetic force and presses the acupoints of the arch of the foot to promote blood circulation. These 2 4R magnets produce stronger magnetic force.
  1. The thickness of the 3 magnets under the insole is 5 mm. Every time you take a step, the magnet emits magnetic force and presses the acupoints of the arch of the foot to promote blood circulation.
  2. At the bottom of the insole, a copper plate with a sterilization function and a hole is installed. Use the silver ions they produce to sterilize bad smell while maintaining breathability.
  3. In order to improve the breathability, the bottom of each insole is equipped with a total of vent holes, so as to achieve a real deodorant, sweat-proof, breathable and shockproof new insole.

As shown below

  • Blood circulation information
  • The blood circulation system of arteries and veins are different. The arteries are located in the vascular media, and as the heart moves, they pass through the blood. The contraction and relaxation of tube smooth muscle transports blood. On the other hand, venous blood follows the law of gravity and flows downward. The blood in the veins under the heart pumps blood up and back to the heart through the activity of the skeletal muscles of the hands and feet.
  • Hemoglobin is transported to tissue cells throughout the body through the systemic circulation, and its main component is iron. Magnetism can effectively promote blood circulation by affecting the iron in hemoglobin. 
  1. The magnet position is designed for the acupoints and reflection areas of the soles of the feet, so that you can perform foot massages at all times when you wear them. Magnetism promotes blood circulation and through acupoint therapy, the effect of health care is realized from the soles of the feet in line. While walking, the magnet promotes the function of various organs of the body through acupoint reflection, keeping alive to achieve the effect of health preservation.
  2. The magnet supports the arch of the foot and corrects the posture. At the same time alleviate the symptoms of foot varus, thereby further reducing the vibration caused by the movement of the feet.
  3. Far-infrared magnets can promote blood circulation, and at the same time relieve the pressure on the metatarsals and relieve foot pain.
  4. All magnets are permanent magnets with long service life, which is unmatched by other similar products.
  5. The size of the insole can be tailored according to the foot type. Soft, good massage effect, beautiful and practical, comfortable to wear, washable.