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Work-life balance is more critical than before. With the new normal era now, we’ve been forced just to stay at home and do most of our work from home. Because of it, forced familiarity scenes can start to take the shine of our former enthusiasm and affect our mood and make us unproductive. Our home office’s atmosphere can have a lot to do with our productivity and ability to get work done.

No one wants to work in a drab, dull, or dark office. To avoid feeling trapped or frustrated due to the situation where we are doing our work from home, we need to find ways to make our living space breathable and comfortable. Feeling comfortable in our area can make a significant impact on the outcome of our works. It is crucial to have a designated home space to boost our productivity and bring out the creativity to divert it into our works.

Here are some working from home tips to enhance your productivity and create the perfect home office space in your home.

how to improve your work from home tips

The first thing you must do is to create the space designated only for your workspace. There’s nothing that will block your productivity more than being distracted, uncomfortable, or cramped. No matter how big or small your workspace, you must create the ambience to help your productivity by finding a comfortable chair, suitable desk, and eliminating distraction, making us lose our focus.

Natural light can instantly brighten your mood. If your home office is a converted bedroom, chances are it’s not set up with proper task lighting. If you don’t have enough light, you run the risk of straining your eyes. By that, you need to set your working area which closes to the window if possible. If the natural lighting isn’t possible, try to use soft, golden accent lighting over a harsh white-fluorescent.

Nothing changes the mood of space faster than adding some colour. Adding a little colour can do the trick to boost up our productivity. You can put something as simple as a colourful picture, an accent wall, a new desktop piece in a bright colour, or even you can put your favourite pillow from your living room to make a powerful influence on your home office’s mood.

We all know that green plants create a calmer atmosphere, but they clear the air by changing carbon dioxide into oxygen. By that, you might need to consider putting some plants in your space. You can add an indoor plant or two into your working area. By adding something living to a drab office can improve the overall mood of the space. Also, looking at the plants or other greenery can sharpen your ability to concentrate and focus, increasing your productivity.

Maybe you get frustrated because of the clutter like loads of cables tangled up, the pile of paperwork or the mass of sticky notes that hang all over the wall. These things can be a tremendous distraction or nuisance so that they will affect your productivity. To sort these things out, you need to start to tidy your space, get rid of items you don’t use, and file your paperwork. Working in a clean area can improve your mood and prevent you from feeling distracted. You will be more productive if your room is neat and tidy.