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Power Sole Male: Cozy and comfortable foot insoles, patented magnetic shoe insoles cushion your feet against any stress, shock, or pressure and prevent the striking of serious injuries -enhance subcutaneous blood circulation

Also available: Female Shoe Insoles and Bundles Set Shoe Insoles

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About 15% running injuries occur in the foot, leading to foot ailments, Wearing patented magnetic shoe insoles cushion your feet against any stress, shock, or pressure and prevent the striking of serious injuries.

The power of MAT Magnet is 10 times higher than a usual one, which enables the magnetic field to penetrate 5.5 mm below the epidermis of the skin cells compared to a normal magnet which only goes up to 0.5mm. With magnetic stimulation and far-infrared rays effects on subcutaneous nerve from the sole of your feet, Power Sole could enhance subcutaneous blood circulation more effectively.

It is a far-infrared magnet health insole with exclusive patent. It is a long-term best-selling product with a history of 15 years in Japan, with sales of more than 1 million pairs. The advancement of science and technology has accelerated the pace of life, and people have realized the importance of health. The foot is called the "second heart of the human body". It plays a key role in the process of blood transport to the whole body and back to the heart, and plays an important role in the blood circulation of the human body. Power Sole far-infrared magnet health insole, while caring for our feet, it can promote the blood circulation of the steps, and then achieve the effect of whole body health care.

Male Power Sole characteristic: At the bottom of the insole, 18 copper plates with sterilization function and holes are installed. In order to improve air permeability, a total of 1,120 vents are provided at the bottom of each insole.

Who should use Power Sole:

People from all walks of life

White-collar workers work long hours in the office and do not exercise often. People who often stand at work have more pressure on their feet. The body is sub-healthy, and the blood circulation is not good. Improper walking posture results in excessive pressure on the feet and frequent pain, such as varus feet.

People above 13 are all eligible

Teenagers are busy with their studies and Power Sole can maintain a good posture when they walk, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the body.

Middle-aged people are gradually encountering various health problems and life pressures are relatively high. Power Sole can help them maintain their health under the various pressures of life and work.

Elderly people should take care of their feet.

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