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Power Sole Couple Bundle - Made of Cedar Material - Treat your feet with comfort and prevent arch pain, heel pain, and other foot problems with orthopedic recommended quality insoles

Also available separately for Male Shoe Insoles and Female Shoe Insoles

The power of MAT Magnet is ten times higher than a usual one, which enables the magnetic field to penetrate 5.5 mm below the epidermis of the skin cells compared to a regular magnet which only goes up to 0.5mm. With magnetic stimulation and far-infrared rays effects on the subcutaneous nerve from the sole of your feet, Power Sole could enhance subcutaneous blood circulation more effectively.

Reduces Impact Shock as insoles cushion your feet soles against the constant shock and pressure of walking along with ensuring that the overall weight of your body is equally distributed over legs and feet.

Helps in Reducing Foot Pain especially for the congenital foot defects, chronic foot pain problems, and chronic foot problems.

Cures Over-pronation or lowered or collapsed foot as they are designed to realign an individual's foot, raise the foot arch, absorb shock, and equally distribute the foot pressure

Supports a flat foot wherein the person's arch is either missing or is lower than the normal. This condition may lead to heel pain, ankle and knee pain, bunions or Achilles tendonitis. Flat feet are often controlled by using top quality insoles.

Resolves Degenerative Conditions like foot corns and calluses by ensuring healthy foot mechanics.

Helps in Preventing Metatarsal Fractures by providing an appropriate support and reducing the stress and shock placed on the foot's metatarsal bones.

Removes Unwanted Foot Odour as most of the insoles are made of cedar material, which is great at tackling unpleasant shoe smell.