We're all guilty of these bad habits. Coupled with stress, chemicals, pollutants, and the ever-prevalent threat of ageing make your skin look unhealthy. To help your skin look healthy again, you need an extra part of your skincare routine.

As we know, moisturizers and cleansers are a beautiful way to bookend your routine, but more often than not, it’s the middle step that does most of the heavy lifting. The question is what the middle step is? Any skincare enthusiast already knows the answer, which is using FUJI SHIITAKE infused SERUM.

This 'miracle' ingredient is a natural antioxidant that has been prized for centuries in the Far East. It contains eight essential amino acids, including a high content of Vitamin C, Fuji Shiitake mushrooms, and Kojic Acid, which helps brighten all skin types, fade pigmentation and reduce acne scars. This serum is specially formulated to dramatically improve skin tone, firmness, and skin texture with regular use.