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We spend lots of our time at home during this pandemic because we’ve been forced to do our work from our house. Because of it, forced familiarity scenes can start to take the shine off our former enthusiasm and affect our mood.

To avoid feeling trapped or frustrated in our home, we need to find ways to make our living space breathable and comfortable. Our home should make us feel joy and bring out the creativity to divert it into our work. There are ways to help transform your house into more liveable. One of them is using fabric mist.

Fabric mist is an often-forgotten element that can make a significant impact on the ambience of our space. It can give a fresh, clean, and natural aroma also adds depth to the room, creating a multisensory experience that elevates our home’s character.

Incorporating a unique scent for every room can enhance its functionality and give each space a distinct personality. The sense of smell from fabric mist also plays an essential role in the psychological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity.

Fragrantly Addictive fabric mist lingers for a relaxing atmosphere that promotes calm and improves your well-being. Fragrantly Addictive comes with three different scents that will provide a different ambience in your house. You can spray it on your pillow, bed sheets, sofa, or soft furnishing.

On this bundle set, you will get all variants of Fragranty Addictive: WILD OCEAN, HARMONIOUS, DRAMATIC, CHERRY BLOSSOM, PIAZZA, AND WESTWOOD.

Each Fragrantly Addictive scent’s variation can show ambient variation, giving your room or surrounding a different mood and atmosphere. 

Wild Ocean appeals to our senses of being by the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean pines and the rhythmic lull of blue waters. If you adore the sea, the Wild Ocean will be the perfect companion at home and travelling.

Harmonious has a unique scent that has an unexpected concoction of bamboo with olive. Fresh yet arresting with oriental notes, Harmonious is pure, crisp, and memorable.

Dramatic is the silky blend between white tea and ginger. Dramatic is the preferred choice for nature lovers, with glorious floral notes that provide an uplifting feel.

Cherry Blossom has a sweet confection of cherry blossom and hints of peaches and berries. Visitors flock to Sakura lands, where the cherry blossom blooms for a limited time. We have encapsulated the essence so you can affectionately call it yours.

Piazza is the combination of fresh tropical notes, sweet citrus and lush botanicals.

Westwood has a creamy, tropical coconut perfectly paired with lemongrass. Effective in inhibiting and killing bacteria, especially bacteria that can cause pneumonia and blood infections.

How To Use:
Spray at home or on your travels, in the room, onto soft furnishings, fabrics and clothes. The mist lingers for a relaxing atmosphere that promotes calm and improves your well-being. Avoid spraying on the skin to prevent sensitive reactions.