Includes in the purchase: Black Diamond Beauty Roller (Red/White) and Multi Purpose Pouch

Ashleigh Ivory Black Diamond Beauty Roller is the Winner of Best New Premium Skin Care Product at Pure Beauty Global Award 2019 Beauty World Middle East, Dubai

Not just like any other beauty roller, Black Diamond Beauty Roller is master crafted with 100% high-quality terahertz ore that emits natural terahertz waves to help skincare products penetrate ten times deeper into your skin layers. Contain a diamond cut with 48 facets; this precious facial device allows to visibly re-contour, re-firm and re-plump ageing skin to reveal a youthful appearance.

Benefits of using Black Diamond Beauty Roller

• Rids dark eye circles
• Reduces crow's feet
• Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
• Firms up sagging skin
• Tightens enlarged pores
• Softens nasolabial and frown lines
• Accelerates collagen production