Do you know that scallop shells can protect our self from bacteria?

Scallop shells contain calcium carbonate (CaCO3 ) as the main component. When scallop shells heat at above 1,200 degrees, it’s converted to calcium oxide (CaO).

CaO (scallop shell powder) can be used as a disinfectant. CaO can alternate the currently used chemical sanitisers due to their natural origin sterilisation effectiveness. They are helpful to deodorise and get rid of kinds of bacteria. It effectively controls bacteria and viruses’ growth by using it every day without worrying and safety for any age.

CaO Scallop Shell Sanitizer is a non-flammable water-based hand sanitiser. It has a pH level of 13 (alkaline), which has been proven to kill and inhibit bacteria and viruses’ growth. Made in Japan, CaO Scallop Shell Sanitizer made from purified water and 100% Scallop Shells from Aomori Prefecture in Hokkaido, Japan.