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We know that daily exercise is good for optimising health. Regular exercise is the key to relieve stress and promoting good physical and mental wealth. With the pandemic taking the whole world in its clutches, social distancing, self-quarantine, and lockdown measures are followed everywhere. Because of it, many gym and fitness centres were the first to be closed. But this shouldn’t mean that we skip our exercise routines.

Doing easy home exercise during this day will strengthen our immune system. Regular exercise isn’t about looking good and building supports, but it also can help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. We don’t need a fancy gym or expensive equipment to do our workout. The best training can often be done at our home and use our body weight to work practically every muscle in the body. There is some exercise that we can do at home without any gym equipment.

One of the basic exercises that we can do at home is jumping jacks. Jumping jacks gives flexibility and helps us increase our stamina. For doing jumping jacks, begin by standing with our back straight and our arms to the sides. While jumping, raise our arms above our head and feet apart to the sides. Quickly reverse and come back to standing position with a jump. A one or two-minute jumping jack can loosen our muscle with more oxygen flowing into the bloodstream.

Push-up is a common exercise that helps strengthen our shoulders, arms and sculpt our body. It’s one of the most influential and joint do-at-home exercises ever. Push-ups work almost every muscle with a massive emphasis on the upper body and core strength. It’s pretty simple to do. Get into a plank position. Keep our hands under our shoulder; keep our leg stretched. Lower the body until the chest gets near the floor and quickly returns to the original position. If you can’t do a regular push-up, consider dropping your knees or dong them against a countertop to make the transition easier.

Plank is the most effective core workout that benefits the entire body and requires a ton of stabilisation throughout our centre. It is a practical and straightforward home workout. Try planks on our forearms, and work up building strength in a side plank if possible. Remember to keep our back and body straight. Posture is crucial, so keep our head in line with our back. Brace our core muscles and hold this position for about thirty seconds.

Squats are the most effective exercise to tone your thighs, hips and butts. Squats do improve our overall health by boosting digestion and blood circulation. Squats are also a great lower body exercise that helps in strengthening our core and improving balance. This exercise is exceptional for keeping our gluteus maximus in shape.

To ace a perfect squat, stand with our feet shoulder-width apart and extend our arms in front. Take our hips back and then bend our knees and sit as if we are sitting on a chair. Push our body up using our heels, and then keep repeating. Ensure to look straight while squatting. If our back or knee starts hurting, it means that we’re not doing it correctly.